The Cathedral - The Font

The Cathedral - The FontThe Font is constructed in a large enough fashion for an adult to be fully washed in baptism. This Font, like the many Fonts of the ancient church, is not a Font for full immersion. The elect to be baptized enter the Font one by one after they have professed their faith. After descending the stairs to the south of the Font they kneel down in the middle of the cross and are baptized by the pouring of water over them by the minister. When they have received baptism they rise and ascend the stairs on the north side of the font which places their feet on the way to the Altar, the culmination of Christian initiation.

The Font is constructed primarily of travertine marble with an accented base in the salmon marble used on the reredos. The design of the Font incorporates four pillars from the former Altar. From each pillar the waters of life flow, as if from the four rivers of ancient lore.