Clergy - Deacons

The diaconate is the first order or grade in ordained ministry.  Any man who is to be ordained to the priesthood must first be ordained as a transitional deacon.  Deacons serve in the ministries of liturgy, Word, and charity.

In 1979 the Diocese of Gary instituted a formation program for deacon candidates.   The first permanent deacons were ordained in 1981.  Deacons were also ordained in 1982, 1983, 2000, 2003 and 2007. 

Liturgically, deacons can officiate at baptisms, weddings, wake services and funerals, and, when properly trained, preach.  In addition, deacons can engage in other ministries, e.g., prisons, religious education, youth, etc.

Deacon Name Parish in which serving as deacon City  
Deacon John Bacon Holy Name Parish Cedar Lake, IN Deacon John Bacon
Deacon David A. Bergstedt St. Paul Valparaiso, IN Deacon David A. Bergstedt
Deacon Edwin J. Bodley St. John the Evangelist St. John, IN Deacon Edwin J. Bodley
Deacon Martin Brown St. Casimir Hammond, IN Deacon Martin Brown
Deacon Robert J. Bucheit St. Joseph LaPorte, IN Deacon Robert J. Bucheit
Deacon James Caristi St. Paul Valparaiso, IN Deacon James Caristi
Deacon Duane W. Dedelow St. Joseph & St. John Bosco Hammond, IN Deacon Duane W. Dedelow

Deacon Kim E. Eaton

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Valparaiso, IN Deacon Kim E. Eaton
Deacon Gregory G. Fabian St. Matthias Crown Point, IN Deacon Gregory G. Fabian
Deacon Jordan C. Fetcko St. Mary Parish Griffith, IN  
Deacon Michael Foster St. Paul Valparaiso, IN Deacon Michael Foster
Deacon Stephen K. Grandfield Nativity of Our Savior Portage, IN Deacon Stephen K. Grandfield
Deacon Michael J. Green St. Francis Xavier Lake Station, IN Deacon Michael J. Green
Deacon Thomas Gryzbek St. Andrew Merrillville, IN Deacon Thomas Gryzbek
Deacon Dennis Guernsey Nativity of Our Savior Portage, IN Deacon Dennis Guernsey
Deacon Michael Halas St. James Highland, IN Deacon Michael Halas
Deacon William R. Hathaway St. Edward Lowell, IN Deacon William R. Hathaway
Deacon Christopher Hawkins St. Peter LaPorte, IN Deacon Christopher Hawkins
Deacon Raymond E. Helfen St. Patrick East Chicago, IN Deacon Raymond E. Helfen
Deacon Michael L. Hogan St. James Parish Highland, IN Deacon M. Hogan
Deacon Ralph J. Huber, Jr. Our Lady of Consolation Merrillville, IN Deacon Ralph J. Huber, Jr.
Deacon Richard Huber Nativity of Our Savior Portage, IN Deacon Richard Huber
Deacon Victor Janowski Notre Dame Michigan City, IN Deacon Victor Janowski
Deacon Nicholas Jurasevich St. Patrick Chesterton, IN Deacon Nicholas Jurasevich
Deacon David J. Kapala St. Thomas More Munster, IN Deacon David J. Kapala
Deacon Jim F. Knopf St. Mary Kouts, IN Deacon Jim F. Knopf
Deacon Paul Krilich St. John Evangelist/Holy Name Cluster St. John, IN Deacon Paul Krilich
Deacon Jack Krol St. Michael Schererville, IN Deacon Jack Krol
Deacon Thomas R. Kubik Holy Name Cedar Lake, IN Deacon Thomas R. Kubik
Deacon Robert J. Litavecz St. Stephen, Martyr Merrillville, IN Deacon Robert J. Litavecz
Deacon Daniel L. Lowery St. Mary Crown Point, IN Deacon Daniel L. Lowery
Deacon Malcolm Lunsford St. Peter and Paul Merrillville, IN Deacon Malcolm Lunsford
Deacon Felipe Maldonado St. Mary East Chicago, IN Deacon Felipe Maldonado
Deacon Joseph Manchak St. John the Baptist Whiting, IN Deacon Joseph Manchak
Deacon Robert W. Marben St. Teresa of Avila Student Center Valparaiso, IN Deacon Robert W. Marben
Deacon Christopher McIntire St. Francis Xavier Parish Lake Station, IN Deacon Deacon Christopher McIntire
Deacon Roberto Mendoza St. Edward Lowell, IN Deacon Roberto Mendoza
Deacon Phillip L. Muvich St. Maria Goretti Dyer, IN Deacon Phillip L. Muvich
Deacon Jeffery L. Newburn The Catholic Communities of Sacred Heart, St. Martin of Tours & St. Mary Wanatah, IN Deacon Jeffery L. Newburn
Deacon Brian Nosbusch St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Valparaiso, IN Deacon Brian Nosbusch
Deacon Mark Plaiss   Illinois Deacon Mark Plaiss
Deacon Michael Prendergast St. Elizabeth Seton Valparaiso, IN Deacon Michael Prendergast
Deacon Ronald L. Pyle St. Michael the Archangel Schererville, IN Deacon Ronald L. Pyle
Deacon Juan Rodriguez St. Margaret Mary Parish Hammond, IN Deacon Juan Rodriguez
Deacon William P. Sayre St. John the Evangelist
Holy Name
St. John, IN
Cedar Lake, IN
Deacon William P. Sayre
Deacon Jose A. Serrano Galarza Holy Angels Cathedral Gary, IN Deacon Jose A. Serrano Galarza
Deacon Ed Shultz St. John the Evangelist St. John, IN Deacon Ed Shultz
Deacon Joseph V. Stodola St. Thomas More Munster, IN Deacon Joseph V. Stodola
Deacon Dale Walsh Sacred Heart Wanatah, IN Deacon Dale Walsh
Deacon Dale P. Webdell Assumption of the BVM New Chicago, IN Deacon Dale P. Webdell
Deacon Frank J. Zolvinski Sacred Heart LaPorte, IN Deacon Frank J. Zolvinski
Deacon Steven Zubel St. Joan of Arc Merrillville, IN Deacon Steven Zubel
Deacon Daniel Zurawski St. Thomas More Munster, IN Deacon Daniel Zurawski

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