Office of Catholic Schools - Mission

Mission Statement

Diocesan Seal The schools of the Diocese of Gary will inspire students to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, who, guided by faith, reason, knowledge and service, will work to further the kingdom of God on earth.

Vision Statement

Catholic schools will be valued and enthusiastically supported as a key ministry in the Diocese of Gary; the schools will be

Identifiably Catholic

Ensure a safe and sacred environment wherein students and staff encounter the living God
Provide religious instruction that is faithful to Roman Catholic teaching and traditions
Provide daily opportunities to enhance students’ and staffs’ spiritual lives through prayer, worship and the sacraments
Partner with parents/guardians who are the first educators of their children
Afford each student and each family dignity, honor and respect
Participate in service to those in need
Prepare students for an active, responsible role in the church and in society

Academically Excellent
Be exceptional places to learn
Address the spiritual, intellectual, social, moral and physical development of each student
Educate through innovative and varied models of instruction
Offer diverse and differentiated educational opportunities to meet student needs
Include an array of current technologies
Provide instruction in multiple languages
Educate students for a global economy and for global citizenship

Optimally resourced

Thrive with new models of support from all Catholic parishes within the diocese
Be staffed by highly qualified administrators and teachers who receive just wages and benefits
Be served by different models of lay governance comprised of individuals with strong ties to the school, parish and/or civic communities
Steward resources responsibility, prudently and justly
Develop a “branding” initiative to improve marketing and recruitment through technology, direct contact and local media
Aggressively engage in policy initiatives at the local, state and federal levels of government
Be accessible and available in every county of the diocese
Welcome non-Catholic students, especially in high poverty, urban areas, compelled by our mission to evangelize
Reach out to minority and immigrant populations and offer financial assistance and support according to need