All Saints

All Saints

201 W. Eliza Street
PO Box 56
San Pierre, IN 46374

Mailing Address:
303 Keller Ave.
North Judson, Indiana, 46366

Year Established: 1858
Number of Families: 91

Pastor Rev. Terry Bennis
Secretary Peggy Oakley
Director of Religious Education Tonya Wall
Liturgy/Music Coordinator Bernadette Shonka

Contact Information

Church 574.896.2195
Religious Education 843.0441
Religious Education Address 2480 N. County Road 600 E, Medaryville, Indiana, 47957

Mass Schedule

Saturday Evening 6 p.m.
Sunday 9 a.m.
Holyday Vigil 5 p.m.
Holyday 9 a.m.
Daily 9 a.m. (T/W/TH/F)
Sacrament of Reconciliation Saturday, 7 p.m. and after daily Mass