Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

1731 LaPorte Avenue
Whiting, IN 46394

Mailing Address:
1849 Lincoln Ave.
Whiting, IN 46394

Year Established: 1889
Number of Families: 246

Pastor Rev. Mark R. Peres, C.PP.S.
Sacramental Assistance Rev. Jerome Stack, C.PP.S
Secretary Laura Wright
Liturgy/Music Coordinator Melanie Cloghessy
Director of Religious Education Jamie Sandona
Hispanic Ministry Nora Perez

Contact Information

Church 219.659.0023
Religious Education (See St. John the Baptist, Whiting)
FAX 219.473.7511

Mass Schedule

Sunday 10:30 a.m. (Spanish)
Holyday Vigil Consult bulletin
Holyday Consult bulletin
Daily Consult bulletin
Sacrament of Reconciliation 9:45 a.m. Sunday